Biography Edit

He is a vampire hunter, traveling the world to kill Fangires and other vampires. He is cold and emotionless, refusing to trust anyone, or let anyone get close to him, except his teammates. So far he has shown emotion to only two members of his team. He runs a restaurant named Café Mal d’Amour. He also founded and runs a team of vampire/Fangire hunters known as The Slayers. Café Mal d’Amour also functions as The Slayers’ HQ and living quarters. He is the manager as well as assistant head cook. He is quiet and introverted, trying to keep to himself mostly. He enjoys reading and playing guitar (acoustic). In his appearance he is 15, but his real age is unknown, except to him. He has stringy white hair that goes down to his shoulders, parting in front of his face. He wears a black shirt and jeans. He wears a black trench coat. His Rider armor is white with a golden cross on his chest. His gauntlets and boots are white too with blue trim. His helmet has a cross-shaped faceplate that can open to reveal the blue eyes. His armor also features retractable wings. His henshin device is a knuckle that attaches to the belt to transform. His finishers are Heaven’s Judgment and Broken Fang. Like Fang, he also has Power Whistles to invoke his weapons. Interestingly enough, Tamashii is the one that gave Devlin his scar. At the time, Tamashii assumed Devlin to be the vampire responsible for several deaths in a small town but Devlin had dealt with the vampire first. It was merely a case of mistaken identity and misunderstandings. When Tamashii gains the Magabarai Power, he heals the eye as symbol of apology. Tamashii carries his twin swords from his days as a samurai. The blades have a very powerful ancient aura that allows him to harm ghosts as well as vampires. He also possesses an unidentified polymorphic weapon which can take on a variety of forms, including a gun, a whip, a sword, and a small blade. The weapon is actually an artifact held by the leader of the Nameless. He took this weapon when he defeated the leader of the Nameless. Tamashii is a master of his family’s sword style, known as the legendary Akashi style of the sword. The ferociousness, in which he used in these attacks, as well as his use of two swords, gained Tamashii the nickname, the Twin Headed Dragon. Two of his main techniques are the “Dragon’s Roar” and the “Eight Dragon Strike”.