Kelly Harper is a fictional character in the Masked Rider series. She is the love interest of Prince Dex. She was portrayed by canadian actress Samantha Munro.

Kelly Harper


The daughter of affluent parents, Arthur and Betty Harper, Kelly and her brother, Tony, grew up in Leawood California. Kelly went to Leawood High School, and was a member of the school's varsity swim team and the cheerleading squad.

Kelly Harper is a sophomore at Leawood High and Molly Stewart's best friend. She was a petite, waist-length haired brunette who was described as popular among her peers. Outgoing, caring, friendly and confident are just a few charactor-traits that describe her. She had a good home life and was the oldest of two children. She enjoyed going to school and excelled in many different things including being a member of the varsity swim team, cheerleader, she worked in the student office alongside Molly and they're both on the school newspaper, The Leawood Gazette. She first met Dex when Jenna's parents adopted him. Kelly is the daughter of affluent parents, Arthur and Betty Harper, she has a younger brother, Tony.

Relationship with Prince DexEdit

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Conflict with Erica KellerEdit