blade form: blade form is the form of /// that /// uses without combining with an advent.

rabbit advent: a strange creature with his hub stolen so that he couldn't connect with ///, this is the first advent in the series.

light form: the form nao gets when he uses the rabbit advent, it was only inabled in episode 7 when rabbits hub was retrieved. it carries nightsicks.

snake advent: one of the only advents samuru the 11th ever knew, he's a smart alec/show off with a know it all attitude.

whip form: the form nao gets when using snake advent, it has a whip that can grow and extend.

bull advent: the mad advent was driven mad by a shock given to him by an electric pole. he's helpfull and very strong and kind.

horn form: wielding a rod with two horns on it, it is very strong.

monkey advent: with a lonely kind of attitude, the song loving mokey advent roams the deserts... until, he is driven out by buffaloes., so he doesn't like the bull advent.

ape form: carrying a rod, this form launches energy balls form any body part.

mizunami's forms:

wave form: mizunami's form when not using an advent.

anemone advent: a sort of geek, punk like acting.

bomb form: with a tentacle patch on his arm that can shoot small bombs, he can also make the patch into a big punching glove.

seahorse advent: a guy of few words, he always listens to orders and never complains. he's like an army man.

motor form: motor form is mizunami's vehicle form. it summons a bike.

motor form bike forms:

earth: becomes a floating vehicle with a drill on the bottom.

water: becomes a submarine like machine.

wind: becomes a sort of glider.

fire: becomes aa motorcycle.

more to come!