ohja was thought shot down by the police, but in reality he was only very deaply injured. now, rising again, his deck needs more power... and that is why the spirit of the adin deck cave him a survive card.

survive deck cards:

advent: summons venomrider.

smash vent: venomrider becomes venomglider.

twirl vent: venomglider spins very fast to create wind blasts.

fang vent: summons venomstrider.

attack vent: executes ball of energy from venomriders mouth.

final vent: ohja jumps up, doing a super fast series of backflips, onto venoriders neck. then, he swing back, and then swings forward, flipping, still holding onto venoriders head, causing veno rider to flip along with ohja and strike opponent, as ohja flies down and finishes the opponent with the venomstrider.

advent monster:

venomrider is a machanical cobra with a ridged back and two sharp, hard edges on it's head.

venomrider can roll up into a giant ball called the venomglider.

venostrider is a sharp edged sword a lot like yuuki's sword from kamen rider den-o.