kamne rider byuki

a possible kamen rider for kamen rider ryuki, he wields a bow with which he can shoot opponents. he is kamen rider raia's watcher, who raia tutors. he secretly takes raia's survive form. he's peach in color.

advent cards:

beat vent: executes a powerful arrow covered in energy form bow.

wing vent: spreads wing out from bow.

advent: summons karajin.

roar vent: karajin roars with sonic sound waves at opponent.

final vent: executes death clash. byuki jumps up onto karajin and shoots his arrow. then, karajin blows byuki and the arrow toawrds opponent. when the arrow sticks into opponent, byuki's bow pushes the arrow into the opponent.

karajin: karajin is byuki's advent monster. he's a jaguar/lion, peach in color.

survive form: wielding a silver bowgun, white in color, he inserts his cards into the handle of the bowgun.

survive form advent cards:

survive shippu: transforms byuki into survive form.

illusion vent: makes three copies of the opponent to fight along with him.

advent: summons growljin.

ride vent: transforms growljin into highroader.

final vent: highroader rider at opponent, at the last second pulling the breaks, allowing byuki to fly out at opponent, stick the arrow (still inside the bow) into the opponent, and stick it out.

growljin: byuki's survive form advent monster. he's a lion with wheels on his head and sides.

highroader: highroader is byuki's survive form vehicle. it's a silver/gold shiny racecar.