This is a US version of the original Kamen Rider series, it is different in many respects though as the organization SHOCKER is much more widespread with offices in all corners of the Earth and SHOCKER has  20 Elites with 21 supposed to have been Kamen Rider. Among the Elites are faces of orgnanizations that in the Kamen Rider universe did not appear until the various sequels such as Marshal Armor, Dr. G, Apollo Geist, and Mr. Titan. Another difference is at the moment the Kamen Rider is unscarfed.

The Kamen Rider is Edward Halifax, a genius college student who is forcibily taken by SHOCKERs lieutanent mutant Spider and freed after his surgery by a Dr. Ezekiel Cohan along with his girlfriend Michelle Baker. Dr. Cohan is killed but Edward and Michelle so far have survived SHOCKERs attempts to rid the earth of them.

S.H.O.C.K.E.R (Sacred Hegemony of Converted Kindred Evoloutionary Realms)

Formed in 1977 under the Great Leader it is a terrifying organization devoted to wiping out mankind, with bases all over the Earth SHOCKER is preparing to strike when the Kamen Rider escapes.Due to an inherent hatred of traitors that is biological SHOCKER mutants will strike only at the Kamen Rider making SHOCKERs plans inherently difficult to implement near the Rider. Divided into three sub-groups under the Great Leader.


High functioning members of SHOCKER and the planners of the organization. Not meant to fight but are capable of doing so against multiple mutants with the Kamen Rider being the best made. Utilizes a human and a mutant form.


Lower functioning but but strong cyborg mutations meant to do the dirty work, all are meant to fight in various areas of the world but work better in the areas assigned. Only some of the mutants are capable of using a human form. Able to resist much more than the Elites


Humans who have been treated with a basic Cyborg modification but only are capable of spying. Strong enough to lift two tons and are in essence upgraded humans.

Generals Dr. Ivan Shinigami, Colonel Zol, Ambassador  Hell, General Black, Marshall Armor, Doktor G, Apollo Geist, Spider Napoleon, Mr. Titan, General Shadow, General Monster, Dead Lion, Great Brain, Cobra, Red Python, Black Satan, Giraffe Cannon, Scissors Jaguar, Zombie Bat, and Baron Fang

Kamen Rider

The twenty first Elite form and the best constructed of the SHOCKER mutant program, an experimental Cyborg meant to utilize nanoprobes and see if they worked. Unfortunately for SHOCKER he escaped and now fights against the beasts.

Edward Halifax: The human who is Kamen Rider, a man who is humankinds only hope against the demonic mutant class monstrosities.

Cyclone: Kamen Riders vehicle, capable of 600 MPH and with Battleship grade armor plus a laser is capable of tearing apart a tank division.