Kamen Rider Goldian is a fanfiction series. It tells the story of a teenage boy found a driver and become Kamen Rider Goldian to fight the Montress.


Montress are a race of humoniod creature who possess monstrous forms based on animals. Unlike any nightmare creaure, they can walk at night and also day. They disguise themselves into human form and feed on human meat like a cannibal. Because of the Montress, the organization Montress Slaying And Research (M.S.R.) created special weapon such as nano-tech guns and dagger. Some soldier and member are chosen to fight the Montress but it is not enough. A myterious driver named Goldian Driver is found by a teenage boy and fight against the races. First, the M.S.R. thought the Kamen Rider was also a Montress but it was mistaken.


Takuya Momochi/ Kamen Rider Goldian

A 18 year-old teenage boy that found the Goldian Driver near the crime scene. He later encountered with the Panda Montress a.k.a. Myun(Monstress Name). Because of protection he suddenly transform into a Kamen Rider. He transform by putting a card into a folder like thing and put it into the driver.

Warrior Form (normal form)

Weapon: none

Normal power: Fire Punch

Final Attack: Gold Barage

Dragon Form (Power with Ragiakurusu)

Weapon: Ragiakurusu Saber

Normal power: Ragiakurusu Fire Crushing

Final Attack: Lightning-X

Pegasus Form (Power with Kirin)

Weapon: Kirin Magnum

Normal power: Multiple Shoot

Final Attack: Pegasus Rage

Time Form (Power with Yugi/ Increases speed like Kamen Rider Faiz's Accel form)

Weapon: none

Normal power: none

Final Attack: Speed Kick

Pheonix Form (Power with Lugia)

Weapon: Flight Machine Gun Jetpack + Lugia Axe

Normal power: Thunder Blast

Final Attack: Lugia Circle Slash

God Form (Goldian'st True Power/ Combine with Vilgax)

Weapon: The Great Sword of the True Goldian

Normal power: Charging Slash

Final Attack: Five Sword Direct Slash

Sakura Date

The girl that small Takuya one age. Feel in love with Takuya.

Kurosaki Hatake/ Bat Montress/ The King of Commader 10

The strongest and the commander of all the montress.

Kira Hatake/ Kamen Rider Drakrai/ Wolf Montress/ The Prince of Commander 10

A teenager that destiny to become Kamen Rider Drakrai to destroy Kamen Rider Goldian. Son of Kurosaki.

Slayer Form (normal form)

Weapon: Jaws Daggers

Normal power: Illusion (Multiple himself), Dark Face (Suddenly the opponent feel scare and turn crazy)

Final Attack: Echo Destructive

Hydra Form (Power with Kreko)

Weapon: Kreko Long Sword

Normal power: none

Final Attack: Electric Shock


One of the Legendary Legengoria that been seal in Kamen Rider Goldian's card. (Ragiakurusu - The Dragon Of Peace)


One of the Legendary Legengoria that been seal in Kamen Rider Goldian's card. (Yugi - The Wizard of Time)