NOTE: This is only a fanfiction series of the 41 year old tokusatsu, Kamen Rider. Also it takes place in an alternate reality.


The powerful S.H.O.C.K.E.R. Empire was destroyed by the combined powers of all the Riders. Then, Dai-Shocker was defeated by Kamen Rider Decade and all the previous Riders. Only a few Shocker Soldiers survived. They were almost dead when 4 black creatures appeared. They called themselves Shadow Beasts. Shocker and the Shadow Beasts combined their power to become Shadow Co. The Shadow Beasts then attacked the surviving soldiers and turned them into Shadow Soldiers. They dug up the Shadow's Eye, a crystal where all the other beasts where.

The Shadow Beasts attacked a family. The boy, Mike, escaped, but his family was taken to Shadow Co. He swore to take revenge on Shadow Co. and to avenge his family. He wasn't the only one. He saw a girl run away from a Shadow Beast. Ten years later, the girl became a scientist. She created a power that could seal away the evil shadows. All she needed was the Shadow's Eye. The boy from earlier walked into the lab. He knew where the Shadow's Eye was. The girl, called Amanda, gave him the Shadow Sealing Sword and also gave him a belt. She said if he gets in trouble take the Sadow Phone out of the belt and call her. 

He took the Shadow's Eye but was caught by a Shadow Soldier, a weak grunt. He is taken to Shadow Co. and  turned into a Shadow Beast. He escapes before being brainwashed, tursed back into his human form, and transforms into Kamen Rider Shadow. He steals the Shadow's Eye and seals away the Shadow Soldier. Then, he destroys the Shadow Lab so no more Shadow Beasts could be made.

Later, he meets Drake and Steven. They become Kamen Rider Taurus and Kamen Rider Bite. Amanda later becomes Kamen Rider Tora, but the belt is stolen by the Phoenix Shadow, Marie/ Mark XVI. She turns out to be good and only wanted to defeat the evil Shadow Beasts. Then, Mark XX goes into the lab and steals the Prototype Shadow Belt and becomes Ryu. Eventually, the , now with Super forms, beat Ryu and Shadow, with his Combo form, destroys the Shadow Lord, Titan.



  • Mike - Kamen Rider Shadow/ Mark XXIV, Wolf Shadow
  • Drake - Kamen Rider Taurus
  • Steven - Kamen Rider Bite
  • Amanda - Kamen Rider Tora (former)
  • Marie/ Mark XVI - Phoenix Shadow; Kamen Rider Tora (current) 
  • Max- Owner of Max's Motos, a motorcycle repair garage
  • Teddy- Chief Police Officer


  • Titan - Shadow Lord
  • Mark XX - Dragon Shadow/ Ryu (dead)
  • Mark I- Bat Shadow
  • Mark II- Squid Shadow
  • Mark III- Beetle Shadow
  • Mark IV- Bull Shadow
  • Mark V- Cheetah Shadow
  • Mark VI- Snake Shadow
  • Mark VII- Lion Shadow
  • Mark VIII- Shark Shadow
  • Mark IX- Wildcat Shadow
  • Mark X- Grasshopper Shadow
  • Mark XI- Rhino Shadow
  • Mark XII- Tiger Shadow
  • Mark XIII- Sphinx Shadow
  • Mark XIV- Pegasus Shadow 
  • Mark XV- Unicorn Shadow
  • Mark XVII- Centaur Shadow
  • Mark XVIII- Minotaur Shadow
  • Mark XIX- Kraken Shadow
  • Mark XXI- Ptera Shadow
  • Mark XXII- Tricera Shadow
  • Mark XXIII- Tyranno Shadow


Kamen Rider ShadowEdit

  • Shadow Driver- his henshin belt
  • Shadow Phone- a phone that can attach to the sword and perform attacks and other things
  • Shadow Saber- a sword that can seal Shadow Beasts if the Shadow Phone is attached
  • Shadow Moto- his motorcycle
  • Shadow Machine- Shadow Moto upgraded with weapons and increased speed
  • Super Caller - a phone that allows him to activate Super form
  • Solar Saber- a sword that can harness the sun's energy to allow Shadow to activate Solar form.
  • Lunar Staff- a rod that can harness the moon's energy to allow Shadow to activate Lunar form.
  • Combo Sword- a sword that harnesses both the sun's and the moon's energy to allow Shadow to become Combo form.

Kamen Rider TaurusEdit

  • Taurus Driver- his henshin belt
  • Taurus Phone- a phone that can attach to the blaster and perform attacks and other things
  • Taurus Shooter- a blaster that can seal Shadow Beasts if the Taurus Phone is attached
  • Taurus Machine- his motorcycle
  • Super Caller- a phone that allows him to activate Super form

Kamen Rider BiteEdit

  • Bite Driver- his henshin belt
  • Bite Phone- a phone that can attach to the sabers and perform attacks and other things
  • Bite Slashers- 2 sabers that can seal away Shadow Beasts if the Bite Phone is attached
  • Bite Splasher- his motorcycle that allows him to go underwater
  • Super Caller- a phone that allows him to activate Super form.

Kamen Rider ToraEdit

  • Tora Driver- her henshin belt
  • Tora Phone- a phone that can attach to the claws and perform attacks and other things
  • Tora Claws- 2 claws that can seal away Shadow Beasts if the Tora phone is attached
  • Tora Cruiser- her motorcycle
  • Super Caller- a phone that allows her to activate Super form.


  • Ryu Driver- his phone that can turn him into Ryu
  • Ryu Saber- his sword that can perform attacks and other things
  • Ryu Cycle- his motorcycle


Kamen Rider ShadowEdit

  • Seal
  • Shadow Kick
  • Shadow Punch
  • Shadow Strike
  • Fire Slash
  • Super Kick
  • Super Punch
  • Super Strike
  • Gold Slash
  • Solar Explosion
  • Sun Smash
  • Lunar Explosion
  • Moon Smash
  • Nuclear Destruction
  • Dual Smash

Kamen Rider TaurusEdit

  • Seal
  • Taurus Shot
  • Confusion Strike
  • Super Shot
  • Super Confusion

Kamen Rider BiteEdit

  • Seal
  • Bite Slash
  • Striking Bite
  • Super Slash
  • Super Bite

Kamen Rider ToraEdit

  • Seal
  • Tora Clawing
  • Tora Kick
  • Super Clawing
  • Super Kick


  • Ryu Strike
  • Ryu Slash
  • Dragon Smash


  1. Beginnings! Shadow is Born
  2. Bat Bite
  3. Winged Evil
  4. Seafood
  5. Water World
  6. Beetle Horn
  7. Kabuto
  8. Drake
  9. Toro
  10. Catch Up
  11. Launch Shadow Machine
  12. S-S-S-S-S-Secrets
  13. S-S-S-S-S-Super
  14. Roar
  15. Lion's Pride
  16. Steven's Power
  17. H2O
  18. Me-ouch
  19. Into the Wild
  20. Jump High
  21. Machine Chase
  22. Rampage
  23. Smash
  24. Claws
  25. Shining Moment
  26. Lunar Sun
  27. Riddles and Answers
  28. Triplets
  29. Flying Horse
  30. Brotherly Love
  31. Horned Horse
  32. Thief
  33. Flames
  34. Last One
  35. Half Horse
  36. Giant Trouble
  37. Ultra Combo
  38. Back to the Water
  39. Awaken the Beast
  40. Ryu
  41. Destruction
  42. Stranded in the Past
  43. Phoenix vs Ptera
  44. Escape
  45. Horns
  46. King
  47. The Present
  48. Titan
  49. The End


Help, ShadowEdit

Type: Opening

Help, Shadow (Instrumental)Edit

Type: Shadow's Theme

Taurus AwakeningEdit

Type: Taurus's Theme

Super RiderEdit

Type: Super Shadow, Super Taurus, Super Bite, and Super Tora's Theme

Blue SplashEdit

Type: Bite's Theme

Cat FightEdit

Type: Tora's Theme

Shining SunEdit

Type: Solar Shadow's Theme


Type: Lunar Shadow's Theme

Burnin' FightEdit

Type: Marie as Tora's Theme

Shining MoonshineEdit

Type: Combo Shadow's Theme


Type: Ryu's Theme