Damien Blackthorn/Kamen Rider Knightblade(21)-The star member of the Nightslayers and the owner of the Knightblade Rider System. Possesses a superiority complex to both humans and Deimos.

Hunter Form

Height: 200cm Weight: 99kg Punching Power: 6.5 tons Kicking Power: 7.5 tons Hunter Punch: 15 tons Hunter Kick: 20 tons Maximum Jump: 40 meters Maximum running speed: 100 meters in 4.5 seconds Motif: Black Knight Description: The default form of the Knightblade rider system. Using the most advanced nanobot technology, Knightblade is able to combat the Deimos.

Slayer Form

Height: 200cm Weight: 99kg Punching Power: 10 tons Kicking Power: 15tons Slayer Punch: 20 tons Slayer Kick: 40 tons Maximum Jump: 40 meters Maximum running speed: 100 meters in 6.5 seconds Motif: Black Knight Description: An upgrade for the Knightblade system. All abilities are close to doubled in power.

Destroyer Form

Height: 200cm Weight: 105kg Punching Power: 20 tons Kicking Power: 45 tons Maximum Jump: 70 meters Maximum Running Speed: 100 meters in 4 seconds Motif: Black Knight/Raven Description: The Knightblade system's final form resulting in a fusion of the power of a Deimos. In this form Knightblade is capable of defeating Tenkage or at least capable of standing up to him in Messiah Form.


Knightblade System: A unique belt that possesses billions of nanobots that help produce the Rider Armor. Unlike the Tenkage, who is able to wipe the Deimos out of existence, the Knightblade system must confine the Deimos and seal them for study.

Sealing Cards: After the Knightblade defeats a Deimos, the Knightblade throws one of these cards in order to create a permanent prison for the Deimos.

Knightsabre: Knightblade's primary weapon. A unique gun that switches from Gun Mode to Saber mode.

Break Cards: Six Unique Cards that enable to unleash Knightblade's finishers or transform into a different form. Punch Break: Unleashes Hunter/Slayer Punch Kick Break: Unleashes Hunter/Slayer Kick Shoot Break: Unleashes Knight Shot Slash Break: Unleashes Knight Slash Slayer Break: Transforms into Slayer Form Final Break: Unleashes Dark Knight Destroyer

Black Phoenix Length: 210 cm Height: 126 cm Width: 88 cm Weight: 207 kg Top Speed: 380 km/h

Description: Knightblade's motorcycle. Possesses anti-Deimos weaponry.

Hell hound Dimensions: Overall height 12.26 meters Weights: 69 tons Description: A mechanical wolf built to combat Zevils.

Knightbuster: Knightblade's primary weapon in Destroyer Form. A unique rifle that unleashes powerful beams of dark energy capable of destroying Deimos.


Hunter Kick/Slayer Kick: Knightblade's kick finisher. Knightblade jumps into the air and unleashes a supercharged dropkick. The most used finisher.

Hunter Punch/Slayer Punch: Knightblade's punch finisher. Knightblade dashes towards his enemy and gives them an uppercut.

Knight Shot: Knightblade's gun finisher. Knightblade charges up his gun and unleashes a blast of dark energy.

Knight Slash: Knightblade's sword finisher. Knightblade charges up his sword and dashes towards his enemy, unleashing a powerful slash attack.

Dark Knight Destroyer: Knightblade's ultimate finisher. Unleashes a dark beam of light capable of fully destroying a Deimos.