Count Dregon is the main antagonist in the series Masked Rider.

Masked RiderEdit

The main antagonist of the Masked Rider series, and Dex's uncle, the son of King Lexian. Because of his place in the royal lineage, Dregon couldn't inherit the Masked Rider powers. He was banished for his evil deeds. Dregon is determined to have the powers even at the cost of destroying his own family and his home world. Dregon took advantage of Edenoi's peaceful way and enslaved everyone in full swoop. He wears a gold mask to hide scars he sustained in a duel with King Lexian (note that this last detail was only revealed in a Masked Rider novella and may be apocryphal).

In the Power Rangers Thunderstorm episode "A Friend in Need", it is said that Count Dregon was an old rival of Vito, while Nefaria was the rival of both Vita and Lady Morticia.

He is served in his villainy by Nefaria, Cyclopter, Doubleface, Fact, the Plague Sentry and his Plague Patrol, the Maggots, the Commandoids, and various Insectovores.

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